No 1 Simply Different

We’re an independent energetic and talented creative agency. Our core skills focus on identity design, naming and branding.

Oh, and sometimes we do special digital and offline projects. We mix intelligent creativity with pragmatic, almost mathematical approach, consistently delivering compelling results for our clients. And most importantly, we’re treating your business as if it was ours. We never take random decisions. And we wouldn’t want to bore you. So, to save your time, here's the brief pathway of the creative process: Listen. Think. Design. Produce. Measure

No 2 What can we do best


From brand naming, definition, archi- tecture, proposition and positioning to innovation and experimental. From identity design, brand standards and guidelines to collateral design. And all of these integrated in both tradi- tional and digital environments.


Whether package, web, mobile or print – design and visual communi- cation are core of our job. We love it & live it. Personally and profession- ally. Design services we provide: package, typography, icons, books, magazines, brochures, events.


Just as each individual is unique thanks to his beliefs, values and attitudes, a brand is strong only with a well defined ideology. We love creating strong brand personalities with a story to tell, with comprehensible attitude and set of values.

No 4 Our Location