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Brand Identity Design
We build brands from scratch: naming your business or product, designing visual brand identities that speak to the audience by articulating corporate culture, style, and philosophy. From identity design, brand standards and guidelines to collateral design. And all of these integrated in both traditional and digital environments.
Graphic & Packaging Design
Whether package, web, mobile or print design and visual communi- cation are core of our job. We love it & live it. Personally and professionally. We'll help with all types of package design including; retail packaging, food packaging design, cosmetic line packages and so on. And, of course, campaign key visuals, posters, you name it.
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Positioning defines what a brand is, its benefits and competitive advantages, and what it means to the target market. Brand attributes reveal its personality, functionality, and physical traits through imagery, language, actions, and assumptions.
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